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Three Days in Amsterdam


English Practice Topic: Smart Phone Addiction

Smart phones are significantly changing the way we live and work. I heavily depend on my Android phone in my daily life, I use it to schedule my meetings, receive emails, remind me important dates, learning English, etc. What‘s your opinions about smart phone? Are you addicted to your smart phone? Do you think it’s a great invention, or a devil tool of commercial? Let’s



五一节前的一周内,几个朋友就纷纷坐不住了,一个二个不再安心上班,开始在微信群里讨论过节要到哪里耍。 大家思来想去,最后决定还是去理县方向。因为根据多年自驾的经验,只要出了汶川,沿途都是风景。

Cozy Apartment for Rent

Next to UESTC Qingshuihe Campus

Cozy apartment for rent, 1 bedroom, next to the UESTC Qingshuihe Campus