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English Practice Topic: Smart Phone Addiction

Smart phones are significantly changing the way we live and work. I heavily depend on my Android phone in my daily life, I use it to schedule my meetings, receive emails, remind me important dates, learning English, etc. What‘s your opinions about smart phone? Are you addicted to your smart phone? Do you think it’s a great invention, or a devil tool of commercial? Let’s talk about it. Questions What type of phone are you using?

Bitcoin Script

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies-Week 3

Bitcoin Script is using to transfer coins instead of just signature and public key address, which allows more flexibilities for Bitcoin transactions

Distributed Consensus

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies-Week 2

How the nodes in the bitcoin network reach consensus on the transactions?

Incentives and Proof of Work

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies-Week 2

How bitcoin system implements the mechanism to motivate the participants and how the participants prove their work?

Programming Assignment: Scrooge Coin

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies-Week 1

Finally, I got to the most exciting part of week 1 lectures-the programming assignment!