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Enhance Istio Distributed Tracing with OpenTracing

Part 1: Implement Fine-grained Tracing with OpenTracing

While evolving towards a microservices architecture, the biggest change is that the monolith application has been divided into multiple independent processes(or services), as a result, a method call between software modules now becomes a remote procedure call go through multiple services. A client request usually goes through a couple of or even a dozen of services in a complex microservices system, which makes it really hard to figure out w





2019 KubeCon + ClondNativeCon + Open Source Summit有感

奇妙的 2019 KubeCon + ClondNativeCon + Open Source Summit 大会!在这里,我近距离接触了大神 Linus;见到了来自 ServiceMesher 社区的很多朋友;还遇到了搞 Kubernetes 的恩格斯后人!




Which One is the Right Choice for the Ingress Gateway of Your Service Mesh?

Kubernetes Ingress, Istio Gateway or API Gateway?

By default, in a Kubernetes cluster with the Istio service mesh enabled, services can only be accessed inside the cluster. However, some of the services may need to be exposed to the external network as well. Kubernetes and Istio provide a variety of means to get external traffic into your cluster including NodePort, LoadBalancer, Kubernetes Ingress and Istio Gateway. With all these options, which one should be the right choice for your service mesh running in production?