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Secure ONAP Microservices with Istio Mutual TLS Authentication and RBAC

In the previous post Manage ONAP Microservices with Istio Service Mesh, we went through the steps of how to install Istio and integrate it with ONAP platform, it’s super simple and has nearly no impact to the existing projects. Now let’s enable Istio auth to secure the inter-service communication inside ONAP, it will need a little bit more efforts, but it’

Manage ONAP Microservices with Istio Service Mesh

In the previous post How service mesh can help during the ONAP Microservice journey, we have discussed why the community wants ONAP to evolve towards Microservice architecture and how service mesh approach could help during the journey. Now it’s time to dip our toe in the water, let’s try out Istio with ONAP by following the below steps. Installation First, download installation scripts

How service mesh can help during the ONAP Microservice journey

ONAP Beijing is available now! ONAP, as part of LF Networking, now accounts for more than 65% of global subscriber participation through carriers creating a harmonized, de-facto open source platform. While it’s so exciting to see that more operators are deploying ONAP in their commercial network, ONAP community realizes that there are still somewhere we can improve to smooth the deployment process. For example, instead of deploying ONAP as a

Service Mesh 和 API Gateway的关系探讨(译文)

API Gateway和Service Mesh的关系是我最近一直在思考的问题,也和同事及社区的朋友之间进行了一些讨论。这篇短文很清晰地总结了两者之间的相似之处以及这两者在微服务架构中的不同用途。

谈谈微服务架构中的基础设施:Service Mesh与Istio

Service Mesh模式及Istio开源项目介绍

作为一种架构模式,微服务将复杂系统切分为数十乃至上百个小服务,每个服务负责实现一个独立的业务逻辑。这些小服务易于被小型的软件工程师团队所理解和修改,并带来了语言和框架选择灵活性,缩短应用开发上线时间,可根据不同的工作负载和资源要求对服务进行独立缩扩容等优势。另一方面,当应用被拆分为多个微服务进程后,进程内的方法调用变成了了进程间的远程调用。引入了对大量服务的连接、管理和监控的复杂性,本文介绍了Service Mesh模式如何应对微服务架构的这些挑战,以及Service Mesh的明星开源项目Istio。