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Network Service Mesh: A Big Step Toward Cloud-Native NFV

When hearing about Network Service Mesh for the first time, you probably are as curious as I was: Does it have anything to do with Service Mesh/Istio? In my opinion, Network Service Mesh could be a turn point for NFV. I'll dive into more details in this post.

NFV迈向云原生时代:Network Service Mesh项目介绍

当第一次看到Network Service Mesh这一名词时,你很可能和我一样好奇它到底是什么?是否和Service Mesh有什么关系?Network Service Mesh是云原生领域中一个新的热点,是CNCF(云原生基金会)中的一个沙箱项目。本文将介绍Network Service Mesh的起源和架构,并探讨其与Service Mesh、SDN、NFV等相关技术的区别与联系。