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Istio作为一个service mesh开源项目,其中最重要的功能就是对网格中微服务之间的流量进行管理,包括服务发现,请求路由和服务间的可靠通信。Istio体系中流量管理配置下发以及流量规则如何在数据面生效的机制相对比较复杂,通过官方文档容易管中窥豹,难以了解其实现原理。本文尝试结合系统架构、配置文件和代码对Istio流量管理的架构和实现机制进行分析,以达到从整体上理解Pilot和Envoy的流量管理机制的目的。

English Practice Topic: Smart Phone Addiction

Smart phones are significantly changing the way we live and work. I heavily depend on my Android phone in my daily life, I use it to schedule my meetings, receive emails, remind me important dates, learning English, etc. What‘s your opinions about smart phone? Are you addicted to your smart phone? Do you think it’s a great invention, or a devil tool of commercial? Let’s talk about it. Questions What type of phone are you using?

Secure ONAP Microservices with Istio Mutual TLS Authentication and RBAC

In the previous post Manage ONAP Microservices with Istio Service Mesh, we went through the steps of how to install Istio and integrate it with ONAP platform, it’s super simple and has nearly no impact to the existing projects. Now let’s enable Istio auth to secure the inter-service communication inside ONAP, it will need a little bit more efforts, but it’s worth with the benefits brought by it. Installation Download installation scripts from ONAP Gerrit:

Manage ONAP Microservices with Istio Service Mesh

In the previous post How service mesh can help during the ONAP Microservice journey, we have discussed why the community wants ONAP to evolve towards Microservice architecture and how service mesh approach could help during the journey. Now it’s time to dip our toe in the water, let’s try out Istio with ONAP by following the below steps. Installation First, download installation scripts from ONAP Gerrit: git clone Kubernetes Master We need Kubernetes 1.