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Network Service Mesh: A Big Step Toward Cloud-Native NFV

When hearing about Network Service Mesh for the first time, you probably are as curious as I was: Does it have anything to do with Service Mesh/Istio? In my opinion, Network Service Mesh could be a turn point for NFV. I'll dive into more details in this post.

What Can Service Mesh Learn from SDN?

what is the relationship between Service Mesh and SDN — Is Service Mesh the next generation of SDN? What can Service Mesh learn from the experience of SDN? I’d like to share some of my own opinions in this article.

Service Mesher Meetup 成都站:Service Mesh是下一代SDN吗?

从SDN看Service Mesh的发展

Service Mesh和SDN(Software Defined Network) 的架构非常相似,这两者都采用了软件对网络进行管理和控制,也都包含控制面和数据面的概念。那么Service Mesh和SDN有什么关系?Service Mesh是下一代的SDN吗? Service Mesh可以从SDN的发展历史中借鉴哪些经验?本文将就这些问题进行一一探讨。