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Manage ONAP Microservices with Istio Service Mesh

In the previous post How service mesh can help during the ONAP Microservice journey, we have discussed why the community wants ONAP to evolve towards Microservice architecture and how service mesh approach could help during the journey. Now it’s time to dip our toe in the water, let’s try out Istio with ONAP by following the below steps. Installation First, download installation scripts from ONAP Gerrit: git clone Kubernetes Master We need Kubernetes 1.

How service mesh can help during the ONAP Microservice journey

ONAP Beijing is available now! ONAP, as part of LF Networking, now accounts for more than 65% of global subscriber participation through carriers creating a harmonized, de-facto open source platform. While it’s so exciting to see that more operators are deploying ONAP in their commercial network, ONAP community realizes that there are still somewhere we can improve to smooth the deployment process. For example, instead of deploying ONAP as a whole, users may just want to pick some modules, integrate these modules with their existing system to get a customized ONAP solution.

Istio v1aplha3 routing API介绍(译文)

介绍Istio v1alpha3 routing API及其设计原则

Bitcoin Script

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies-Week 3

Bitcoin Script is using to transfer coins instead of just signature and public key address, which allows more flexibilities for Bitcoin transactions

Istio 0.8 Release发布


在6月1日这一天的早上,Istio社区宣布发布0.8 Release,除了常规的故障修复和性能改进外,这个儿童节礼物里面还有什么值得期待内容呢?让我们来看一看: